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Řáholec Cup 2017 Řáholec Cup 2017 Řáholec Cup 2017 Řáholec Cup 2017 Řáholec Cup 2017 Řáholec Cup 2017

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Mar 12, 2017
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Mar 12, 2017
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Jan 7, 2017
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Season 2016/17:
Fransois Seijffert (SOI), Mathias Münch (MMU), Jon Holland (123), Martin Dvořák (CCC), Helmut Künne (F9) & Miloš "Cadfael" Koch (MK).

Řáholec Cup 2017 › Competition Rules

1. Prerequisites

Every pilot has to own legal copy of Condor (version 1.1.5) and Plane Pack 1. Any modification of the application or any of the aircraft is forbidden and will be penalized by disqualification from the competition.

2. Competition Calendar

The competition starts on January 21, 2017, last competition day is March 11, 2017. Racing day is Saturday.
Server always starts at 20:00 CET (19:00 UTC). The complete competition schedule you can find here.

Condor Server Name Server Start Time
Raholec Cup 2017 (A) 20:00:00 CET / 19:00:00 UTC
Raholec Cup 2017 (B) 20:00:30 CET / 19:00:30 UTC
Raholec Cup 2017 (C) 20:01:00 CET / 19:01:00 UTC
Raholec Cup 2017 (D) 20:30:00 CET / 19:30:00 UTC

3. Competition Class, Tasks & Settings

We will race in World Class (PW-5). DAeC index will be NOT USED. Competition has together 8 racing days.
All task will have take-off and landing at Jičín airport in Czech republic.

4. Sceneries

We have only one competition scenery: beautiful Czech [2.0], author: Miloš "Cadfael" Koch.

5. Scoring System

The competition shall be scored according to the to the real life FAI 1000-Points Scoring System: The Score is expressed in points (the maximum available Score for the day is 1000 points). 1000-Points Scoring System is fully explained in FAI Sporting Code: Annex A to Section 3 – Gliding. Each race will be scored with IGC files with ShowCondorIGC. DAeC index will be used. Overall result is count of all 7 flights. Results of racing days and also overall score will be posted on this official website next day after actuall race is done.

6. Disconnection, Penalties & Protests

In case of your internet disconnect you have option to fly offline. You have to upload your IGC after each flight thru this web (after registration and login you can find in left sidebar menu item Send IGC). If this website is unreachable, you can send your IGC via e-mail. Protest has to be submitted max. 12 hours after server start. Protest will be reviewed for max. 24 hours after submission.

7. Competition Officials

Condor Tasksetter:Radek Miča (RUM)
Condor / Miloš "Cadfael" Koch (MK)
Webpage Administration:Erik Praznovský (EP)
Contest E-mail